About Robert Blair


Bob ďretiredĒ from fulltime ministry in August 1991, after preaching for the Hollywood, California, Church of Christ 28 years. He served on the board of managers of the Wilshire YMCA and was a member of the Hollywood High School Advisory Council. He chaired the Councilís Student Motivation and Conduct Committee. Bob led a popular Bible class for business and professional people in the Hollywood area and has conducted hundreds of funerals and weddings throughout the country.


 Bob authored The Ministerís Funeral Handbook published by Baker Book House in 1990. College Press published his Funeral and Wedding Handbook in 1995.  In 2001 a second edition of The Funeral and Wedding Handbook was published by CSS Publishing. It stills sells well and was recently selected to be on Amazon.com His articles have appeared in Leadership and 21st Century Christian.


 Norma, his wife of fifty plus years (a 1955 graduate of Tigard (OR) High), and Bob live on an acreage 11 miles southwest of Cleghorn, Iowa. Itís near the most remote place in the stateóand also the coldest. Their four children and their spouses produced five grandchildren. Bob does fill-in preaching every Sunday. He loves to play racquetball and golf, but says he isnít very good at either sport. Heís also an unrepentant train buff. Bob and Norma enjoy taking walks together near their rural home accompanied by their frisky farm dog and super-ugly but loveable cat.


 Their greatest interest is in serving the kingdom of God. To that end, they host a weekly Bible study (Norma does most of the work) in their home. Every Tuesday people of many denominations pack all available square footage of their living and dining rooms. Bob also conducts many personal Bible studies and continues to lead people to Jesus. He is one of the most sought-after preachers in Northwest Iowa. Bob received a B.A. in English and Religion from Pepperdine College and an M.A. in Religion from Pepperdine. You may write to him at PO Box 176, Cleghorn, IA, 51014. Heís sentimentally stuck in the mid-20th century and is reluctant to do Email.


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