Of Joy and Sorrow

How do you tell a family that a loved one has died?

How do you conduct a funeral for a non-Christian?

How do you decide which couples you will marry?

How do you arrange a funeral or a wedding service?

        The Funeral and Wedding Handbook
             Listed as one of CSS Publishing's top ten sellers.

            If you are looking for an invaluable funeral and 
            wedding planner...this handbook is for you!


        Within the pages of this book are the guiding principles that
        will help you perform a variety of complicated services with
        impact and success. Since there is no "one-size-fits-all"
        funeral or wedding service, this handbook helps you tailor
        services to individual needs.

        A Must For Every Minister's Library!

        The Funeral and Wedding Handbook will help you ...

        **    Deal with difficult funerals---suicides, non-Christians,
                infants and more

        **    Effectively comfort the hurting

        **    Plan memorable weddings from premarital counseling
                to the recessional march

        **    Be prepared for overlooked details and unexpected
                happenings that may arise during funeral and
                wedding services

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