By Robert Blair

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If the Apostles were still alive and preaching in the United States today, would they be building huge church structures? Would they be talking about the "trigger" issues, the hot topics that seem to dominate our pulpits? Would they be marching in the streets...either against or in favor of...abortions, gay rights, or repealing the death penalty? It is Robert Blair's contention that Jesus' Apostles would not be politically active or overtly trying to influence the government. He believes they would simply be preaching the same simple gospel they preached 2000 years ago. Should not present day followers be doing what the Apostles would do? Should not it be our primary objective to preach the good news to every person on the planet? By doing that, and by personally assisting the poor, Blair believes that the followers of Christ would best glorify God.

Hoping that every minister in the United States will "read and heed" this book, Blair believes that laypersons will also benefit from reading The Great Omission. Too often laypersons are wishing to honor God but they receive garbled signals from church leadership about the church's main purpose. This book will become a lightning rod for change in returning our churches to the biblical message, and suggesting the right methods to tell it.

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