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  Bob's Sermon this week is
from Book of Romans 15:5-6!

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Robert's Sunday Sermons


What do you crave the most?

Sunday Apr 15th


Do you know the Lord’s seating assignments?

Sunday Apr 8th


What is proper in God's house?

Sunday Apr 1st


Do you know Jesus’ life-saving technique?

Sunday Mar 25th


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           This week's quote from "The Great Omission"   

  “If the scriptures we’re reading don’t make us trust God, increase our faith in Christ, and help us to love God and appreciate others, we’re probably misusing them. It’s especially helpful to read the New Testament books at one sitting as opposed to using proof texts. One gains an entirely different perspective from reading the Bible a book at a time. Inspired authors wrote the books to be read in that way.  Possessing and knowing scriptures, doesn’t save us. That sprouts pride. Knowing Jesus humbles and saves us.”

From Chapter Thirteen

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 "The Great Omission"

Amazing Ways the Church Muddles the Message:

How to Get it Right and Tell it Right

Great Omission

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"The Funeral and Wedding Handbook"

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