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  Bob's Sermon this week is from the
 Gospel of Mark, Chapter 1:29-39!

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Robert's Sunday Sermons


One day in Jesus’ life

Sunday Feb 18th


Who or what were those evil spirits?

Sunday Feb 11th


Would you follow Jesus if he invited you?

Sunday Feb 4th


How well do you suppose the Lord knows you?

Sunday Jan 28th


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           This week's quote from "The Great Omission"   

     “Jesus made crucial points about offering help to others. Remember his conversation with the paralyzed man at the pool in Bethesda? (John 5:1 – 15) To the 38-year old invalid, Jesus said two things that some consider demeaning. First, ‘Do you want to get well?’ Modern social workers spend huge amounts of time, energy, and resources on people who don’t want a ‘cure.’ If the government wants to operate that way, so be it. But the church can’t afford to waste the Lord’s time or his resources. Jesus taught the disciples to preach about his kingdom. If people refused to accept the message, however, the Lord instructed his followers to fling the dust off their feet and look for receptive audiences.”

From Chapter Eleven

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Amazing Ways the Church Muddles the Message:

How to Get it Right and Tell it Right

Great Omission

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