The Great Omission


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 Jesus gave his followers this primary assignment:  Joyfully tell his good news to the entire world,

  • The good news includes forgiveness which Jesus, the Son of God, fully paid for on the cross,    
  •  Through his resurrection, Jesus proved his power over everyone's great enemy, death,
  • To benefit from the good news each person must change direction (repent) and follow God's word as Jesus lived it and taught it. 

Despite government opposition and jealousy-inspired efforts of enemies, Jesus' early followers prayerfully and boldly carried out Jesus' mission.

  • The church did not preach social justice, yet people of all nations, races, languages, and socio-economic levels became part of God's loving family in Christ.
  • They built no church buildings and had no hierarchy or headquarters.
  • They did not exalt human leaders, but through Christ and the Spirit, they glorified God and obeyed his word.                                                   


The Great Omission traces the influences that led the church away from its simple, powerful Christ-given assignment.  This book also points the way toward restoring Jesus' original mission for God's glory.